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 Taiya Way (before)- Curiosity Killed the Cat

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PostSubject: Taiya Way (before)- Curiosity Killed the Cat   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:32 pm

Name: Taiya Way
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Human
Element: ---
Party: None.
Mate: None
Family: John Way (Father). Tommy Way (Cousin).
Scent: Vanilla
Colour: Red

Weapon/Abilities: Has no weapon, mainly concentrates on usuing her magical ability. As a member of the Way family she has the magical blood to learn spells.


Dawn Way was her mother, she died giving birth to Taiya and she was left to live with her dad John. Together they lived in a mansion beside the small village named Dawn, settled in Wales. The house was situated on a hill, giving her father and herself full acess to sunrise and sunset. Her father was the last male magician of the Way line. Normally only the males of the family we able to learn magic but as this generation had only females, they had adapted.
When she was young she was forbidden to read the magical books that were sealed in a special chamber. But her fiery attitude always pushed john, she would continu to try and read them.
One day her father was called away on business, she waited for his return by the window.
John did not come back.


Taiya currently lives in the mansion on her own, the recently departed Mary the only maid that decided to stay raise her, has left her on her own.
Taiya is now currently studying demonology, and the different races and elements that follow. Her father had been studying them in the time she new him and wished to pursue his dream.
Taiya is now on the lookout for a new compainion.


Taiya is a fiery little person, with a strong will, and a stubborn mind. She tries to act as a leader and is geniually good at solving puzzles and fixing things. She also tries to help anyone who as been kind to her.
But she is also a very lonely soul and when she has made a friend she will be loyal to them until she dies.

Hair - Dark red, short length.
Skin Colour: Pale White
Eyes- Bright Green
Height- 5 " 5
Weight - 9 pounds
Features- Looks like a boy.
Dress style- Tomboy. Mainly jeans and T-shirts.
Acessories- Black beanie.
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Taiya Way (before)- Curiosity Killed the Cat
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